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A polyhedron of which one face is a square, and the other faces are triangles with a common vertex.

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Q: What is Definition of a square pyramid?
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Definition of square pyramid?

A four sided pyramid with a square base.

A square based pyramid has how many rectangular faces?

One, though it's technically a square - hence why it is called a square pyramid. By definition, a square pyramid has one square face. It also has four triangular faces which meet at the apex (the tip) of the pyramid.

Are the Egyptian pyramids a rectangle pyramid?

Yes. They are rectangular pyramids. They are square, but a square is a rectangle, by definition.

How many bases are in square pyramid?

A square pyramid has five faces, one of which is a square and the remaining four are triangles. Conventionally such a pyramid is called a square BASED pyramid and in that context it has only one base. [That definition is used to distinguish it from a pentagonal pyramid, a hexagonal pyramid, etc.] However, any one of the five faces can be at the bottom.

Definition of a square pyramid?

A pyramid with a square base, like the great pyramids of Egypt or Mexico. The bottom is square and they have four equal and identical triangular sides. This makes them different from a tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base and three triangular sides.

What is the definition of a regular pyramid?

A regular pyramid is a right pyramid whose base is a regular polygon. There are only three regular pyramids: a regular tetrahedron, a regular square pyramid, and a regular pentagonal pyramid.

Is there a pyramid that has a rectangular lateral face?

No. By definition, the lateral faces of a pyramid are triangular.No. By definition, the lateral faces of a pyramid are triangular.No. By definition, the lateral faces of a pyramid are triangular.No. By definition, the lateral faces of a pyramid are triangular.

Does the base of a pyramid have to be a square?

The base of a pyramid need not be a square. According to the definition of a pyramid, it must only contain triangular sides that meet at a single point. This means the base of a pyramid to virtually be any type of polygon shape, including even a triangle, square, octagon, etc.

What is square pyramid?

A square pyramid is a pyramid whose base is in the shape of a square.

What the name of a square pyramid?

It is just called a square pyramid, but its not square. Its only square on the bottom, so they call it a square pyramid, or you can simply just call it a pyramid because a pyramid is a pyramid.

What is a square based pyramid called?

A square based pyramid is called a square pyramid

What is the base of a square pyramid?

The base of a square pyramid is a square. The pyramid has 4 faces making the base have four edges. SQUARE PYRAMID

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