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Q: What is a 4 sided figure with the opposite sides not parallel and angles not equal?
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What is A figure with opposite sides that are equal and parallel and with four angles?

a rectangle

What is a plain figure in which all of the angles are right angles opposite sides are parallel and opposite sides are equal?

rectangles squares

What is the figure of a rhombus?

A rhombus is a 4 equal sided quadrilateral with opposite parallel sides and equal opposite acute angles and equal opposite obtuse angles that all add up to 360 degrees.

What two dimensional figure has opposite sides parallel and for right angles but not four equal sides?

A rectangle

What is a four sided figure with opposite sides equal and parallel and opposite angles equal?

If one set of opposite sides is equal and parallel then both are. The figure is a PARALLELOGRAM and the opposite angles of course must be equal.(see related links below)Parallelograms include rectangles (four right angles) and rhomboids (two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles).A square is a type of rectangle (all sides equal).A rhombus is a type of rhomboid (all sides equal).Although a square could be considered an equiangular rhombus, it is usually considered a separate type of shape.

What is a quadrangle that has equal opposite angles but they are not right angles and the opposite side are parallel and are equal in length?


What two dimensional figure has opposite sides parallel right angles four equal sides?

It fits the desciption of a square

Are the opposite sides of a parellelogram parallel?

Yes. A parallelogram is defined as having opposite sides that are parallel and equal in length, and opposite angles that are equal.

Opposite sides not parallel angles not equal?

trapezoid is the answer!

What has opposite sides not parallel and angles that are not equal?


What shape has four right angles parallel sides opposite sides are equal opposite angles are equal and four equal sides?


What figure has 4 sides opposite sides parallel all sides equal 2 obtuse 2 acute angles?