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The corner of a triangle is a vertex.

A vertex is defined as an angle is the endpoint where two line segments or lines come together. Every triangle has three vertices.

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Q: What is a corner of a triangle called?
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How do you fold a triangle into a pentagon?

Take a corner of the triangle and fold it over so that the corner is not over the rest of the triangle.

Did Bermuda get its name from Bermuda triangle?

The other way around. It's called the Bermuda Triangle because the islands are one "corner" of it.

What is a 30-60-90 triangle?

its a triangle with one corner 30 degrees, one corner 60 degrees and one corner 90 degrees.

What shape is a corner on a shape?


What are corner points on a triangle?


How many lines of symmetry does an equelateral triangle have?

Three. One cutting across from every corner of the triangle through the middle oftheside of the triangle opposing that corner.

How many corner triangle pyramid have?

a triangle pyramid has 5 corners

What shape has three square corners?

A triangle Square An equilateral triangle on a sphere that distends 90 degrees (think of a triangle with one corner at the north pole, one corner on the equator at the 0 meridian, and one corner on the equator at 90 degrees longitude. Each corner of this spherical triangle measures 90 degrees.

How much vertexs does a has triangle?

3, one for each corner. *many *triangle have.

Does a triangle have a corner?

It has 3 vertices (corners)

Is the apex of a triangle count as a corner?

The apex counts as one of the three corners of a triangle.

How do you know when its a right triangle?

It will have an L shape flipped around at the corner. or you can use a protractor or type in google images 'right angle triangle' they will have an L shape at the corner of the right angled triangle.

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