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that's the work done or energy in joules

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Q: What is a force multiplied times parallel distance?
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What happens to the electrostatic force if one charge is multiplied by 5 and the other is multiplied by 4?

If the distance between the centers of the charged bodies doesn't change during all of that activity, the force between them increases by 20 times.

Is work defined as force times parallel distance?

No. Work is transferred energy. When you do work, you are transferring energy. If the force is constant over time: Work = F*d*cos(theta) where F = force d = distance object travels over the time the force is applied theta = angle between force and the displacement of the object The only component of the force that can do work is the component of the force that is parallel to the displacement.

What is force times distance equals?

Force times distance equals work.

If a train uses an average force of 5200 Newtons to lift a grider 25 meters how much work does the crane do on the grider?

You can use the following theoryIf the resultant force F on an object acts while the object is displaced a distance d, and the force and displacement act parallel to each other, the mechanical work done on the object is the product of F multiplied by d: [3]W = F * d Work=Force*distance,Where work is expressed in joules, force in newtons, and distance in meters.

What does work equals force times?

Force times Distance equals Work

What does the x mean in force x distance?

Force times distance. Or force over distance.

The number of times your force is multiplied?

mechanical advantage

Is product of force times distance?

Force times distance is called "Work" for the purposes of physics.

What is the relationshipbetween force and distance?

Work is defined as force times distance.

How many times a force is multiplied by a machine is the?

Mechanical Advantage

How do you find the effort force if you already have the load force and the distance moved by load force?

work (effort) equals load times distance

What is a work in Physics?

Work - The force applied to an object times the distance that the object travels parallel to that force Source: Exploring Creation with Chemistry: Second Edition by Dr. Jay L. Wile