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The fractional part of a logarithm is called the Mantissa.

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Q: What is a fractional part of a logarithm called?
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What is a whole number with the fractional part attached?

A whole number with a fractional part attached is called a mixed number. Hope this helps!

What are the numbers called after the decimal point?

They are the decimal fractional part.

The base 10 logarithm is called the logarithm?

Base 10 logarithms are called "common logarithms".

What are numbers with a fractional part called?

A number such as 32/7 is called a mixed number.

What is fractional ionization?

Fractional ionization occurs when part of a cell loses ions due to collision of molecules. If the ions in the cell turn from positive to negative, but only part of them turn, this is called fractional ionization.

What is the decimal part of a logarithm?


What is mantissa?

part of a common logarithm

What fractional part is of a kilometer is 700 meters?

what fractional part of a meter is a centimeter

What is a fractional part of 100 called?

It is a percentage as for example 1/2 of a 100 is 50%

What is a fractional portion?

A fractional portion is part of a whole portion

What is the base 10 logarithm called?

The base 10 logarithm is called the "common logarithm". * * * * * It is also called the 'Briggsian logarithm', named after Henry Briggs, who introduced his table of logarithms on base 10 at Oxford in 1624, much to the joy of navigators, astronomers, and others having tedious calculations to perform.

What is the difference between the common logarithm and the natural logarithm?

A logarithm is the exponent to which a number called a base is raised to become a different specific number. A common logarithm uses 10 as the base and a natural logarithm uses the number e (approximately 2.71828) as the base.

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