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It is a continuous function.

If the line is a straight line, it is a linear function.

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It is a linear function.

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Q: What is a function that forms a line when graphed called?
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What is a function that forms when a line is graphed?

It is simply a different way of representing the same information.

What is a function that forms a line graphed?

Any function of the form f(x) = ax + b, or any relation of the form Ax + By = C.This is the function that forms a line graphed. The slope of line can be taken out as C/A. * * * * * The above answer assumes that a line MUST be a straight line! Since the graph is a line, the domain must be an interval in the Real numbers. The interval may be finite, or infinite in one or both directions. In order that the graph does not have breaks in it the function must be continuous. Any such function will do.

What is an equation that forms a line when graphed?


What is a function graphed with a line or smooth curve called?

A differentiable function, possibly - to distinguish it from one whose graph is a kinked curve.

What best describes a linear function?

A linear function is a function, or equation, that when graphed, will form a straight line.

What form does a linear function take?

A linear function when graphed takes the form of a straight line.

What is a mere relation?

A relation is an expression that is not a function. A function is defined as only having one domain per range, meaning that when graphed, a function will have no two points on the same vertical line. If your expression is graphed and two points do appear on the same vertical line, it is a relation, not a function.

Why is y equals -8 a function?

y = -8 is a function because when graphed, it passes the vertical line test.

What is the y-intercept of the function graphed below?

The part of the straight line that crosses y axis

What is linear and nonlinear?

A linear or non linear function is a function that either creates a straight line or a crooked line when graphed. These functions are usually represented on a table under the headings x and y.

What is the slope of the line graphed below?

Answer t What is the slope of the line graphed below?his question…

Which compound inequality is graphed on the number line?

Any compound inequality, in one variable, can be graphed on the number line.