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Q: What is a half circle arc?
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What is an arc that is exactly half of a circle?

A Rabbit

What are two arcs that make up the circle?

Half of the circle is an arc

Part of the circumference of a circle is called?

An arc. The arc covering less than half the circumference is called a minor arc; the arc covering more than half is called a major arc.

Which type of arc measures exactly 180?

Half the circumference of a circle has an arc of 180 degrees

What type of arc measures exactly 180?

It is half the circumference of a circle that has an arc of 180 degrees

The measure of an inscribed angle in a circle is the measure of the intercepted arc.?

Answer this question… half

How do you do diameter on a half circle?

The only diameter would be a line segment connecting the end points of the half-circle arc.

What does a Arc look like?

A half circle, seriously. Go to and click images then type arc!

Is an arc half the length of a diameter?

Nope, a half of a diameter is the radius of a circle(: hope that helped!

What is defined to be an arc that has an central angle with the measure of 180 degrees?

If the arc is circular, such a figure is a semicircle or half circle.

What is arc in math mean?

A mathematical arc is any segment of the circumference of a circle. It is normally expressed in degrees, referring to the angle between the two lines drawn from either end of the arc to the center of the circle. Therefore, a 900 arc is 1/4 of the circle's circumference and a 1800 arc is half the circumference.

What is a definition for a 180 degree edge of a circle?

It is an arc comprising half the circumference.

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