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There is no specific name - other than what you used: "a pair of parallel line segments".

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Q: What is a name for a pair of parallel line segments?
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Name a pair of parallel line segments?

Which pair. Of line is parallel fghj

What polygon has at least one pair of parallel line segments?

Many polygons, such as squares, rectangles, rhombi, parallelograms, etc. have more than 1 pairs of parallel line segments. Trapezoids have only 1 pair of parallel line segments. These few shapes are just quadrilaterals, other polygons also have more than 1 pair of parallel line segments (e.g. regularhexagons, octagons, etc.). Triangles never have any parallel line segments.

How many parallel line segments does a trapezoid have?

Exactly one pair.

What pairs of distinct lines or line segments of a circle cannot be parallel?

Pair of radii

What letters of the alphabet consist of only a line segment perpendicular to a pair of parallel line segments?

The letter - H

Can a quadrilateral have a pair of horizontal parallel line segments of different lengths?

Yes. (Ex. a trapezoid)

Which is the name of the vertical line in a triangle?

name one pair of perpendiclur line segments?

How many sets of parallel line segments make up a trapezoid?

A trapezoid has 1 pair of opposite parallel lines of different lengths.

Which picture shows a pair of perpendicular line segments?

A pair of perpendicular line segments is not shown among the pictures you've submitted.

Is a Trapezoid a polygon?

Yes, it has sides that are straight line segments. Exactly one pair of opposite sides is parallel. Polygons do not have curved sides.

What lines are parallelograms made out of?

Technically, lines are continuous, so parallelograms are actually composed of line segments. The line segments composing the sides of the parallelogram, come in two pairs in 2D space. Each pair is composed of two line segments that are parallel to each other, but do not occupy the same line. The two pares of line segments must all meet to then form a quadrilateral.

Which of the line segments on trapezoid are parallel?

One pair of opposite sides: they may be top and bottom or two sides, or they could both be skew.