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A square number has an odd number of factors, but a number with an odd number of factor pairs is nothing special.

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Q: What is a number called that has an odd number of factor pairs?
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Number cannot be shown as pairs of cubes What is it called?


Why does a square number always have an odd number of factors?

Factors can be listed as factor pairs. With square numbers, one of those pairs will be the same number twice. When written as a list, only one of them will be used, leaving an odd number of factors.

What do you call an odd number factor?

I would call an odd number factor a factor that is an odd number. I would call a number with an odd number of factors a perfect square.

What odd number goes into 429 times and how many times does it go into it?

The factor pairs of 429 (all odd numbers) are (429,1)(143,3)(39,11)(33,13)

What is and odd number that is a factor of 100?

5 is an odd number and is a factor of 100

What does 31 have odd or even number of factors pairs?


What number has an odd number for a factor?

All odd numbers have odd factors.

What is a odd factor?

An odd factor is a number that cannot be divided by 2. if it can be divided by 2 it is an even factor or even number.

What number is greater than 10 and is a odd number which is a factor of 100?

25 is an odd factor of 100.

How do you find the greatest odd factor?

All nonzero numbers have factors. Some factors are odd numbers. The largest of these would be the greatest odd factor. Of course, the greatest odd factor of any odd number is the number itself.

What is an odd number between 520 and 530 with 12 as one of its factor?

An odd number can't have 12 as a factor. 528 does have 12 as a factor.

Can an even number be a factor of a odd number?