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100 000 000 000 000 000 000 would be "one hundred quintillion".

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Q: What is a number with 20 zeros?
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How do you write the number 200000000000000000000 in words?

2*1020 this is called 200quintillion a quintillion is a number with 18 zeros a sextillion is a number with 21 zeros your number has 20 zeros therefore it is not quite a sextillion yet.

What is a 20 digit number called?

A number with 18 zeros is a quintillion so a 20 digit number would be 10's of quintillion's.

What number comes after 99999999999999999999?

100,000,000,000,000,000,000 {a 1 with 20 zeros}, or 100 quintillion.

How many zeros does the number 20 million have?

The number 20 million is expressed in figures as 20,000,000 - 2 followed by seven zeroes.

How do you multiply a whole number by 10 thousand?

add 5 zeros. 1*10000 put a 1 in front and throw 5 zeros on the end. as a general rule any number that ends in zeros, you cann multiply the non zero numbers and add the total number of zeros on the end. 30*20 multiply 3 and 2, get 6 then take the two zeros (one from 30 and one from 20) get 600

How many zeros in 120 million?

20 zeros

How is the number of zeros in the quotient of 160 divided by 8 equals 20 related to the number of zeroes in the dividend?

They are the same. The quotient of the equation: 160/8 = 20 is 20, which has only one zero. The dividend of this equation is 160, which also has only one zero. Therefore they both have the same number of zeros

How many zeros are in the number 3000?

There are three zeros in the number 3000

Whats the maximum number of zeros in a number?

it is infinite. the most zeros in a number that we know today would have to be a hundred zeros. that number is called a google.

20 million has how many zeros?

it has seven zeros, i think.

What Number represented as a one followed by 48 zeros in the UK and by 27 zeros in the us?

27 zeros = 1 octillion in UK as well as US. The UK does not have a different system and has not had one for at least 20 years.

What number is this 1000000000000000000000000000000 and how many zeros are there in this number?

This number is Nonillion and it has 30 zeros in it. That's a lot!

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