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Q: What is a rectangle with all sides equal called?
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How is a square and rectangle differnet?

a square's sides are all equal and can be called a rhombus but a rectangle's sides aren't all equal

When is a quadrilateral a rectangle but not a square?

When all the vertices of a plane quadrilateral are exactly equal to 90 degrees it is is called a rectangle and, if all its sides are of equal length, that rectangle is called a square. So when a plane quadrilateral has all its vertices exactly equal to 90 degrees, but it does not have all its sides equal in length, it must be a rectangle but not a square.

What is a rectangle which is equilateral called?

"equilateral" is a fancy word meaning "has all sides equal". Such a rectangle is called a square.

You are a special rectangle all of my sides are equal?

The fact that all of YOUR sides are equal tells me nothing about what is special about ME, as a rectangle!

Are all sides on a rectangle equal?


Does a rectangle have all equal sides?

no it does not but it has two pairs of parallel lines. A square has all equal sides. A rectangle has 2 pairs of equal sides though!

What is a parallelogram with all four sides equal called?

well a square, rectangle

What is a rectangle but not with all four sides equal in length?

A rectangle!

Can a rectangle be a rhombus explain it?

No. A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. A rhombus has all four sides equal.

How might a square and a rectangle be different?

A square has all sides equal. A rectangle has two sets of equal sides.

Is a rectangle a square or a square a rectangle?

A square is rectangle with all its sides are equal in length. The rectangle has: (a) opposites sides are parallel. (b) opposite angles are equal

What quadrilateral has all right angles equal opposites sides but does not have all equal sides?

a rectangle

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