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-Reduced bearing use degrees as measurement unit.

-Read from the north or the south towards the east or the west.

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Q: What is a reduced bearing?
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How is friction reduced in a rolling bearing as compared to a plain bearing?

In case of rolling contact bearings there is either point contact or line contact between rolling elements and races of the bearing depending on whether it is ball bearing or roller bearing... In case of plain or journal bearings contact is generally area contact. Hence friction is reduced in rolling bearing as compared to a plain bearings.

How is the reduced gametophyte an adaptation for seeded plants?

Since , in the seed bearing plants the gametophyte is reduced that is why they have spread far and wide.

What is and where is the wheel bearing located on a 94 beretta and how do you replace it?

The wheel bearing is located in the Hub Assembly. It provides a reduced friction environment, making the wheel turn easier. Jack your car up then take off your tire. there should be a large nut in the center of the hub that is your wheeling bearing nut. there is also a bearing on the back side that you must remove the brake caliper to get to.

What could cause a wobbling sound that was reduced but not eliminated by replacing the right front hub bearing and 4 new rims and tires?

wheel bearings are to loose

What is bearing crush?

Interference between journal bearing to bearing housing is called bearing crush.

Is banana a Seed bearing or spore bearing?

spore bearing

Are daisy's seed bearing or non seed bearing?

seed bearing

When bearing is greater than 180 how to calculate back bearing?

when bearing is greater than 180 In order to calculate back bearing subtract bearing from 360

What characterizes grade II sprains?

These sprains are characterized by obvious swelling, localized tenderness, pain , joint laxity, difficulty bearing weight if the injury is to a lower extremity, and reduced function of the joint.

Is a roller bearing a plain or anti-friction bearing?

anti-friction bearing

Fruit bearing and non fruit bearing?

Fruit Bearing-is manifold and multitude...........

Is it bearing gifts or baring gifts?

It is "bearing gifts" (as in "carrying" them).

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