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A number is made up from digits in the numeral system. We often use the decimal system in which we use 10 digits, In writing the any number, many digits are used, even repitation of digits. when we write any number using the digits, the last digit ( from right side ) in that number is called unit digit. for example in the number 9814868980, here 0 is called unit digit.

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Q: What is a unit digit?
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The Unit digit of 334?

the unit digit is 4

What is the unit digit in the product of 684x759x413x676?

Any digit in the tens or higher place has no influence on the answer. So it is the unit digit of 4*9*3*6 = unit digit of 6*3*6 = unit digit of 8*6 = 8

What is a unit's digit of the product?

It is the unit's digit of the product of the unit's digits. For example, the units digit of 123456 * 4689 is simply the units digit of 6*9 = 54, which is 4.

What is units digit?

the unit digit is the last digit from left or ones digit

What is the complementary set for x the unit's digit of x is 0?

The unit's digit of x is not 0.

What is the unit digit of 12.04?


What will be the unit digit of the squares of the following number 81?

The unit digit of the square of 81 will be 1.

What does unit's place mean?

Here's an example. In the number 382, the number 2 is the "unit's digit" (in the "unit's place"), 8 is the "ten's digit" (in the "ten's place"), and 3 is the "hundred's digit."

How do you find the unit digit of 3127 power 173?

The unit digit of 3127173 is the unit digit of 7173. The other digits of 3127 are multiples of 10 and so they cannot contribute to the unit digit. Now the unit digits of the powers of 7 are Power -- Unit digit 0 -- 1 1 -- 7 2 -- 9 3 -- 3 4 -- 1 and you are back into the loop (of 1-7-9-3). So, you only need consider 7 to the power 173 modulo 4. That is, the remainder when 173 is divided by 4. 173 = 1 mod 4 So the unit digit of 3127173 is the same as the unit digit of 7173 which is the unit digit of 71 which is 7.

What is the unit digit of 4?


What is the unit digit 32?


What is the unit digit of 2523?

It is the 3.

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