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I'll just give you all the big numbers:

US & Scientific Community Other Countries:

(3) thousand

(6) million

(9) billion

(12) trillion


Starting with:

(18) quintillion

(21) sextillion

(24) septillion

(27) octillion

There is more but you don't want me to go on forever, do you?


(30) nonillion

(33) decillion

(36) undecillion

(39) duodecillion

(42) tredecillion

(45) quattuordecillion

(48) quindecillion

(51) sexdecillion

(54) septendecillion

(57) octodecillion

(60) novemdecillion

(63) vigintillion

(66-120) undecillion - vigintillion

(303) centillion

(600) centillion

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wow i never new
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Omg why are there so many I only knew up to quintillion
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sometimes you need this to play games
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God damnnnn
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idk if thats right

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Q: What is after quintillion?
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