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-43 -43


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Q: What is an answer for increasing a number by 43 yields the same result as multiplying 6 by 12?
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What does any number times zero equal?

Multiplying any number by zero yields the result zero !

Why is the product of a negative number and a positive number negative?

In math, a product is the result of multiplying. Multiplication is distributive over positive and negative numbers, which means, when a negative number is multiplied by a positive number, it always yields a negative result.

What is the value of x when multiplying a number by x yields the same result by dividing a number by 0.125?

The question first needs to be rewritten as an equation. This can be done as follows: nx = n/0.125 where n is any number. The first step is to divide both sides by n, to give us x=1/0.125 This can then be calculated at x=8 Thus the value of x when multiplying a number by x yields the same result as dividing that number by 0.125 is 8.

What does a positive times a positive equal?

A positive number multiplied by another positive number yields a positive number. A negative number multiplied by another negative number also yields a positive number. Only multiplying a negative number by a positive number (or the other way around) yields a negative number as the product.

I am a number Divide me by 6 Add 25 to the result You will get me What number am i?

Call the number n. From the problem statement, (n/6) + 25 = n. Multiplying both sides by 6 yields n + 150 = 6n, or 150 = 5 n or n = 30.

What is negative 4 times postitive 4?

-16. A negative number multiplied by a positive number always yields a negative result.

Determine the mass in grams of 0.0489 mol colbalt?

The gram atomic/molar mass of cobalt is 63.546. Multiplying this number by 0.0489 yields the answer of 3.11 grams, to the justified number of significant digits.

What is negative 15 minus negative 12?

-3. Subtracting a negative number yields the same result as adding a positive.

Why is -2 squared - 4?


What is 35 divided by 1?


What is 8 percent of 280?

8% = .08. Multiplying the 2 yields .08(280) = 2.8(8) = 22.4.

What 5 digit number when multiplied by 4 yields the number the same five digits in reverse order?

The number is 21978. 21978 when multiplied by 4 which gives the result 87912 which is in reverse order.

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