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No. It is one and a half.

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Q: What is double the half of one and a half?
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The double of one half of 11 is what?

11. The double of one half is what you started with.

What is double of one half?

The answer is 1

What is 1 half of 1 fifth?

One half of one fifth is one tenth. You just 'double' the denominator if you want to get half of the fraction.

Which number's double exceeds its half by one?

1 - doubled = 2, which is one more than its half.

What is double three quarters?

Six quarters or one and a half

What is double of one and a half cups?

If you double 1 1/2 cups, then you get 3 cups.

How can you tell a fraction is equal to one half?

The denominator is double the numerator.

What is 2 and a half percent of 200?

The answer to two and a half percent is easy. Simply find one percent,double it to get two percent and then half one percent to find the half. Put them together and you have two and a half percent.

Double three fourth cup of flour?

one and a half cups of flour.

How do you double and half a recipe?

write it two and a half timesAdded: If you double a recipe and then half it - you are back to a single recipe.

How could you use the relationship between the numerator and denominator of fractions equivalent to one-half to determine if a fraction is equal to one-half?

The denominator must be double the numerator.

What is a double half brother?

A half brother is a brother who you share one parent with. A double half brother is there-fore a brother who you share two parents with - and therefore could simply just be called a brother. The term however suggests that there was a discontinuity in your parents marriage, and that one of you was born after a reconciliation or remarriage.