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Climate, because weather is an everyday process. Weather and weathering are everyday cycles. During those cycles there are rocks being broken down and the atmosphere changes overtime.

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Q: What is happening in the air or atmosphere at one time in one place?
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What are measuring when you measure air pressure?

You are measuring the weight of the atmosphere in a vertical column above your head from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere's outer reaches. Air may seem like it weighs nothing, but it is composed of a huge quantity of gas particles whizzing around in empty space. Collectively the weight of these gas particles exert a measurable value. The average weight of the atmosphere is conveniently referred to as 1 atmosphere which is equal to 101,325 pascals or 101.325 kilopascals. These are the most common units of measurement for atmospheric pressure.

How much cubic feet of air is in the world?

That depends how high up you decide to go in the atmosphere. Note that the atmosphere gets thinner and thinner, as you go up. You can multiply the Earth's surface (in square feet) by the height (how high you decide to still consider it part of the atmosphere); that will give you a volume in cubic feet.

How does precipition form?

When water evaporates, whether from a lake, ocean, river, what have you, the water vapor rises and collects in the atmosphere. The amount of water vapor any given section of atmosphere can hold until it is completely saturated depends on the temperature of the air, as warmer air can hold greater quantities of water vapor than cool air. If the air should cool, the atmosphere can no longer hold the water vapor it has collected, and it condenses from a gas to a liquid and falls -- or precipitates -- back the surface.Precipitation (rain) is part of the water cycle. Evaporation of sea water forms clouds, clouds drop rain (on land, in this example), rain flows downhill to reach the sea, water evaporates again to continue the water cycle.

When you shout a warning to a friend 50 meter away what carries the sound?

The air carries the sound. If you shouted on the moon, nobody would hear you as there is no atmosphere

What is the real mass for 1 liter of air?

The following calculation is based on the following assumptions: 1. The composition of air is 78% Nitrogen, 20.95% O2 and 0.93% Ar. 2. Air is an ideal gas: i.e. Obeys the equaiton PV = nRT. The mass of 1 L of air at a pressure of 1 atmosphere and at 25oC is 1.18 g.

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What large region of the atmosphere where the air has similar?

what the lower atmosphere is like at any given place and time

As ________ as weather?

weather is defined as the condition of air temerature,airpreasure and wind humidity in the atmosphere at a given place and time

Where did hurricane take place?

Hurricanes take place in water, but it also takes place in the atmosphere when hot air meets cold air.

How does water get to the atmosphere?

it evaporates into the air over time.

How does a tornado destroy the atmosphere?

They don't. Tornadoes move air from one place to another, but in no way do they destroy the atmosphere.

Would a blow dryer work in a place with no atmosphere?

No, a blow dryer requires air to work. Without an atmosphere, there would be no medium through which the heat and airflow from the blow dryer could be transferred, rendering it ineffective.

Is altitude the condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place?

No, altitude refers to the height of an object or location above sea level. It is not the condition of Earth's atmosphere, which can vary due to factors like temperature, pressure, humidity, and air composition at a particular time and place.

What planet atmosphere has low air pressure?

Mercury, because the gravity on it is to small to hold any atmosphere in the first place.

Why do convection currents take place in the atmosphere?

cold air is less dense

What does stability mean in terms of air movement?

Stability in terms of air movement refers to the tendency of air masses to resist vertical motion. A stable atmosphere typically has a decrease in temperature with height, which suppresses vertical air movement. Conversely, an unstable atmosphere has the potential for strong vertical motion, leading to the development of thunderstorms and other severe weather.

When air stays in one place it is called?

It is called atmosphere, or just air. Sometimes people say "dead air" for air that isn't moving.

Is air part of the atmosphere?

Air is the atmosphere.