What is infinity resistance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That's an "open circuit". No current flows no matter how high the voltage gets.

It doesn't exist in nature.

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Q: What is infinity resistance?
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Is a switch and example of a resistor?

No it is not. A resistor has a known resistance that is less than infinity. A switch has a resistance of either infinity when it is open or low when it is closed

What is the resistance of an ideal oscilloscope probe?

The resistance of an ideal oscilloscope probe is infinity.

Does porcelain have a nearly zero temperature coefficient of resistance?

Porcelain is an insulator, its resistance approximates infinity.

What is the minimum resistance between phasea in megger test?


What occurs during an open circuit?

The resistance goes to infinity.

Why the resistance of a voltage source is infinity?

It isn't. See the answer to your question about a current source.

What is the ideal insulation resistance to earth for a single phase and three phase motor?


What should be the resistance of an ideal voltmeter?

infinity- so that all the voltage is measured across the component instead of losing some in voltometer circuitry

What is an electric circuit with little or no resistance?

A: As current approaches infinity on a device it is known as a current source.

Why is ideal resistance of a voltmeter infinity?

generally voltmeters are connected in parallel in the circuit.If the voltmeter resistance is lower as it increases the current rating,because by connecting parallel we are decreasing the resistance,so if the voltmeter resistance is not too much higher it leads to burning of the meter,For that we can conclude that the in ideal the voltmeter has infinite resistance.

Is an infinity reading on a megger '0' or is it down around the 1000 range at the other end of the scale?

An infinity reading on a megger typically indicates an open circuit or very high resistance, meaning that the insulation being tested is in good condition. It is not necessarily at '0' or 1000 range, as the exact value may vary depending on the specific megger model and the insulation resistance being measured.

Will an open switch record a resistance of zero ohms?

no...... ideal open switch should have a resistance of infinity... the question should be a closed switch" but this is also false because any good conductor will have a small resistance the connecting wire resistance is exhibitted across the terminals of the switch