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Q: What is one twentyfifth as a percentage?
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What is one twentyfifth as a decimal?


What is Four hundredths in simplest form?

one twentyfifth

What is the fraction of 4 percent?

4/100 or one-twentyfifth.

What is 25 times one twentyfifth?

25 twentyfifths aka 1

What is one twentyfifth in decimal form?

one twenty fifth in decimal form is 0.04.

Air in a cylinder is compressed to one-twentyfifth its original volume with no change in temperature?

It can be done.

What is ten twentyfifth as a decimal?

10/25 = 0.4

Who was the twentyfifth president?

The 25th President of the United States was William McKinley from March 4, 1897 to September 14, 1901

What is one frouth as a percentage?

25% is one fourth as a percentage.

What is one third in percentage?

The percentage for one third is 33%.

What is one and a half as a percentage?

One and a half as a percentage is 150%

What is one over one as a percentage?

1/1 or 1 as a percentage = 100%