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Positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4 is equal to -4.

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Q: What is positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4?
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What is a positive integer times a negative integer?

negative read this : "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)"

What does a Minus plus a plus equal?

Negative plus a negative is a negative. Ex. -1+-1=-2 Negative times a negative is a positive. -2*-2=4 But a negative [minus] plus a positive [plus] can be minus, zero or plus: For example, -3 + 2 = -1 -3 + 3 = 0 -3 + 4 = +1

What is positive 6 minus negative 2?

Minus a negative means you can plus a positive so therefore the answer would be positive 8.

What does a positive minus a negative equal to?

if a positive number minus a negative number, the minus turns to a plus sign. so its positive Ex. 2- -4= 2+4=6

What is negative 2 minus negative 11 plus 27?

the answer is positive 36

Why do you use subtraction when you add a positive integer and a negative integer?

Because adding a negative is the same as subtracting a positive. In other words, minus a plus is he same as plus a minus. For example 5+ (-3) = 5-3 = +2 5 -(+3) = 5-3 = +2 Remember minus a plus = = minus plus a minus = minus plus a plus = plus minus a minus = plus

What is a plus times a plus?

A plus times a plus is still a plus. Below is the way I remembered it: If there is not a minus sign, it is plus (positive). If there is 1 minus sign, it is minus (negative). If there are 2 minus signs, it is plus (positive).

How do you add a negative plus a positive?

You actually take the positive, and put it in front:2+-5=?Then make the negative positive and subtract:2-5=-3dude just reme.... + plus a + = +and a - plus + = -and a - minus a - equals a -and a - minus a plus a + = -ok... sozz... a bit unclear... =='

Is product is plus or minus?

if 2 positive numbers are multiplied, then the product is positive. if 2 negative numbers are multiplied, the product is positive. if a positive and a negative number are multiplied, the product is negative.

Can you add or subtract two negative numbers?

yes you can. You can add and subtract ANY number, negative or positive, even if it is a decimal. For example 1 + 1 = 2 -1+-1 = -2 -1+1 = 0 A minus plus a minus is a minus. A minus plus a positive is a minus.

What is plus 2 plus minus 2?

Plus 2 plus minus 2 equals 0. The addition of a positive number (2) and a negative number (-2) cancels each other out.

What is negative minus positive?

A negative minus a positive is a negative. i.e -1-(+1)= -2