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Repeating Decimal

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Q: What is rational numbers in decimal form that have a block of one or more digits that repeats continuously?
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What is a rational number in a decimal form that has a block of one or more digits after the decimal point that repeats continuously and are not all zero?

A recurring decimal.

What is a fraction or a decimal that repeats?

They form a proper subset of rational numbers.

How is a rational number that repeats different from a irratrional number that repeats?

Irrational numbers can not be repeating decimals. Any number that is a repeating decimal is rational.

All deciamls irrational numbers?

Not necessarily. If the decimal terminates, or if it repeats periodically, then it is rational.

If it doesn if a decimal doesn't terminate or repeat is it still a rational number or not?

No, if a decimal does not terminate or repeat, it is not a rational number. Rational numbers can be expressed as a ratio of two integers, and their decimal representation either terminates or repeats after a certain point. Decimals that do not have a pattern and continue indefinitely are considered irrational numbers.

What does it mean if a decimal repeats?

It means that it is a decimal representation of a rational fraction.

Is 29 an irrational number?

Integers are rational. Also, terminating decimal numbers, as well as repeating decimals (such as 3.12121212..., where "12" repeats over and over) are rational.

Consider the decimal do you think this decimal represents a rational number why or why not?

If the decimal terminates or repeats, it is rational. If it keeps on going forever, it is irrational.

Is 42.25 a rational number?


How do you determine if a decimal is rational or not?

A decimal is a rational number if it ever ends, or if it repeats the same single digit or set of digits forever.

Why is a decimal rational?

Some decimals are rational, and some aren't. A decimal is rational when it terminates or repeats.

Is 1.131331333133331...a rational number?

no, rational numbers have a pattern that repeats, this number doesn't.