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The main requirements in getting a Series 6 license is by completing the Investment Company Representative Exam.

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Q: What is required for a Series 6a license?
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There is no license required to drive in the NASCAR series racing.

What steps are required to attain an electrical license?

You are required to pass a series of electrical exams. This measures your knowledge on the subject matter and various safety issues to be aware of.

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How do I go about obtaining a series 7 license?

To obtain a series 7 license, one needs to first be sponsered by their department manager. After this step is done, study for the exam and find a local testing area. The exam costs $250 and a passing score of 70% is required to obtain the license.

What are the license required to open the hotel?

what are the license required to open the hotel?

What kind of licensing is required to be a stock bond broker?

NASD Series 7 license is required to trade stock. Some states also require NASD series 63 and 65 to be investment advisors. A college degree in not mandatory but it helps!

What can you sell or do with a series 63 and 22 license?

Series 63 allows you to sell funds The answer is incorrect above. I obtained a Series 63 License in the state of Tennessee. The Series 63 License is NOT a license to sell FUNDS! It is a license to sell SECURITIES by means of Solicitation!

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Type of License Training Required State Exam Required Continuing Education Combination License.

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