What is something that is one foot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, obviousely, the only thing on your foot aare your toes.

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Q: What is something that is one foot?
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What does 1 feet by 1 foot mean?

It's one square foot of something. If you were measuring a square it would be one foot long, and one foot wide.

What is the definition of to put one's foot in it?

To put one's foot in it - is to make a blunder, to say something that you should not have said.

To catch one's foot on something and fall?


What is the meaning of 'one foot in one foot out'?

"One foot in, one foot out" refers to being indecisive or hesitant about fully committing to something. It suggests that a person is partially invested or involved in a situation, but not fully committed to it.

Which is long as a meter yard or foot?

One meter is 100cm. Something that is 100cm long is an average snake. One yard is 36in. Something that is 36in long is a small child. One foot is 12in. Something that is 12in long is a large shoe.

What does stick one's foot in one's mouth mean?

It is when a person says something accidentally or stupid and the listener is embarrassed The image is of you opening your mouth, and you accidentally kick yourself in it because you are clumsy; you have "put your foot in it" and said something you should not have said. To put your foot in your mouth means ''to say something foolish''.

What is an example of something a yard long?

An adult human arm or leg is typically about a yard long.

What is a foot valve?

A foot valve is something that you eat with your foot

How much is 6 inches thick in cubic feet?

To calculate cubic volume you need to know all three dimensions, length, width, and height. A cube foot is one foot by one foot by one foot. Something a foot wide and a foot long, but only 6 inches high, would be .5 cubic feet.

What makes something dense or not very dense?

Density is the mass per volume. For example, one cubic foot of cotton is less dense than one cubic foot of gold.

Who opened for Justin bieber at his consert when his foot was ingerd?

Well Taylor Swift was the one who opened for him. He broke his foot tripping on a electrical cord or something like that.

Is a cubic foot the same as one foot by one foot by one foot?