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A decision making grid

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Q: What is something you might use to help you make a choice between two seemingly equal alternative?
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What is something you might use to help you make a choice between 2 seemingly equal alternatives?

Information that will cut through the "seemingly", and show them to be unequal alternatives.

What is something you might use to help you make a choice between two seemingly equal alternatives?

A Decision-making grid.

What is a synonym for alternative?

option, choice, dilemma

What word would you use to show that you had a choice between two words in a sentence?

You can use "or" to indicate a choice between two words in a sentence. For example: "I can have soup or salad for lunch."

Difference between alternative replacement and substitute?

"Alternative replacement" refers to choosing a different option to replace something, while "substitute" describes using something in place of another item. In essence, alternative replacement involves selecting a different choice altogether, while a substitute can be a specific item designated to stand in for another.

What does alternative mean?

'Alternate' means 'one following on from the other'. So 'alternating' current describes a current that flows first in one direction, then in the other. Not to be confused (although it often is!) with 'alternative', which means 'a choice between two', as in 'We could either go this way, or we could choose the alternative route'.

What are paradoxes in this poem?

a seemingly self contradictory statement that is still is choice

An alternative choice for a gene?


How could you use the words acknowledge and alternative in a sentence?

Acknowledge is a verb meaning to admit or agree that something is true, to recognize the authority of, or to make it known that one has received something. Alternative is a noun meaning a choice between two or more options or the chosen one of the two or more options. Here are some sample sentences."The senator had to acknowledge that voting 'no' was not the alternative his constituents desired.""The company CEO was reluctant to acknowledge that he had the alternative of traveling by company jet, personal car, or train because he wanted to use the jet."

What is the Opposite of the word dilemma?

In the sense of as seemingly insoluble problem, the opposite of dilemma is solution. In the sense of a situation requiring a choice between two alternatives, the opposite of dilemma is decision.

Is choice a idea noun?

No, "choice" is a common noun. It refers to the act of selecting from among alternative options.

What word means the opposite of 'choice'?