What is ten plus fifty?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is ten plus fifty?
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What is the square root of ten plus the square root of fifty?


How much is ten plus fifty-five?

10 + 50 - 5 = 55

What is the percent of ten and fifty?

Ten is twenty percent of fifty.

What number do the roman numerals XLVI represent?

XLVI = Forty-six. X = ten L = fifty V = five 1 = one In this case, placing the ten before the fifty means that you subtract it, so 10 from 50 is 40, plus 5, plus one.

What is the sum of ten over fifty four plus forty nine over fifty four?

10/54 + 49/54 = 1 whole and 5/54 :-)

How will be get 10 plus 4 2?

You will get fifty two (52) by adding ten (10) to forty two (42).

What is fifty times forty ten?

There is no such number as forty ten. If you mean it as fifty, then the answer would be 2500. If you mean it as fifty times forty times ten, the answer is 20000.

How would you write fifty ten thousandths?

A ten-thousandth is 0.0001. So fifty ten-thousandths is: 50 * 0.0001 = 0.005

What does LXXVLL mean in roman numerals?

I - one V - five X - ten L - fifty C - one hundred D - five hundred LXXV would be fifty plus ten plus ten plus five which equals to seventy five, but usually there would not be two letters such as LL at the end of a number like this. I am guessing that by LL you mean one hundred, so 75 before 100 is 25. So your answer (I think) is 25!

What is negative ten subtract negative sixty?

-10-(-60)=50 A negative and a negative equals a positive. Therefore, negative ten minus negative sixty is the same as negative ten PLUS sixty. Sixty minus ten equals fifty.

What is 1960 in Roman numerals?

1960 = MCMLXOne thousand is M, fifty is L. So it would be a thousand, plus a thousand minus 100, plus 50 plus ten. The proper writing of it would be MCMLX.

How do you write ten and fifty-one hundredths in standard form?

Ten and fifty-one hundredths in standard form is 10.51