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It is one and one fourth. Absolute value just means how far the number is from 0, so even if the number is negative, for example -2, it is only 2 numbers away from 0. So the absolute value of -2 is 2.

TIP: Absolute value = same number, NEVER negative.

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Q: What is the absolute value of one and one fourth?
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What is the absolute value of negative forty one?

The absolute value of negative forty one is forty one.

How does the absolute value of 6 compare with the absolute the value of 5?

It is one more.

What is the absolute value of negative one and three-fourths?

One and three fourths. Absolute value technically is the number's positive form. Absolute value of -9.52937605876 is 9.52937605876.

What is the absolute value of negative one and one-third?

Absolute value of negative one and one-third is positive one and one-third.

What are two numbers with the same absolute value but different signs?

Its impossible if they are both absolute value with different signs. If they have different signs one would be absolute value and one would be negative value.

Is absolute value a one to one function?


Absolute value inequalities?

What's your question? To solve an absolute value inequality, knowledge of absolute values and solving inequalities are necessary. Absolute value inequalities can have one or two variables.

Absolute value of -2.25?

2.25 absolute value of anything means remove the negative sign if there is one

Can two different numbers have the same absolute value?

Yes... that is, if one is the opposite of the other. For example: The absolute value of 6 is 6. The absolute value of -6 is 6. The absolute value is just the units a number is away from its orgin.

Why absolute value important?

The absolute value is the [unsigned] difference between two values. It tells you how far one value is from another.

What is the symbol of absolute value?

Just a pair of straight vertical lines, one on either side of the number. The absolute value of 18k is |18k| . The absolute value of 'x' is |x| .

What is vulgar fraction?

A vulgar fraction is one in which the absolute value of the numerator is greater than the absolute value of the denominator.