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The expression, not equation, is probably 481/3

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for a number cubed is 48?
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What is x3 - 3x2 - 16x plus 48?

It is 4 terms of an algebraic expression.

What number cubed is 48?


What is a algebraic expression give 2 examples?

An algebraic expression is one or more numbers or variables with any of the math operators. An expression does NOT have an equal sign. An expression can often be simplified but cannot have a solution. Examples 2A - 3 + 6A 52 x 48 100 / 25s

What B-Cubed equals 48?

3.63424119 cubed = 48

Which algebraic expression represents 4 times the sum of 12 and b?

It is: 4(12+b) which is the same as 48+4b

Can 48 be cubed?


A ten-pin bowling ball has a volume of about 5274 cm cubed A candlepin bowling ball has a volume of about 48 inches cubed Which has the greatest volume?

I suggest that a candlepin bowling ball cannot have a volume of 48 inches cubed since that is huge. 48 inches cubed = 48"*48"*48" = (48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm) >120*120*120cm3 = 1 728 000 cm3 which is more than 300 times larger than the 5274 cm cubed ball.

What is the sum of ten and the product of a number and four made into an expression?


What equals B?

3.63424119 cubed = 48

If two times a number plus the square of the number equals 48 what is the number?

This is the algebraic equation 2(x) + (x)2 = 48 And the equation x2 + 2x -48 = 0 has the solution (x-6)(x+8) = 0 So the number is either 6 or -8.

What expression represents the diameter of a 48 inch wheel?


How do you evaluate the expression 4x for x equals 12?

An number with a x after mean multiply, so it would be 4x12=48