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12.8 meters squared

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Q: What is the area of a room that is 4 m long and 3.2 wide?
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What is the area of a rectangle 4m long and 200cm wide?

32 metres

What is the area inside a pool 32 feet long and 18 feet wide?

32 x 18 square feet

What is the area ad perimeter of a rectangle 27cm wide 32cm long?

Area = 27*32 = 864 square cm Perimeter = 27+27+32+32 = 118 cm

What is the of a rectangle area of 8 inches long and 4 inches wide?

32 square inches.

What is the area of 4cms wide and 8 cm long?

4*8 = 32 square cm

Two times as long as it is wide if the area is 32 ft2 what is the width and length of the table?

4 x 8

A class room is 8 feet high 24 feet wide and 32 feet long how would you approximate its volume?

8x24x32= 6144

What are the dimensions of each rectangle that can be made from 32 tiles?

There are three rectangles. 1 wide x 32 long 2 wide x 16 long 4 wide x 8 long.

How many square feet is an area 8 feet long by 4 feet wide?

8 feet x 4 feet = 32 square feet (32 ft2)

How many strings of lights needed to decorate a room that is 25.5 yards long and 32 yards wide if a string of lights is 5 yards?

A room that is 25.5 yards * 32 yards has a perimeter of 2*(25.5 + 32) = 2*57.5 = 115 yards. If each string of lights is 5 yards long, the number of strings required is 115/5 = 23.

How many square yards of carpet are needed if the room is 8 yards long and 4 yards wide?

32 square feet of carpet. Elementary my dear. Elementary

Which fiqure has greater area a rectangle that is 8 inches wide and 4 inches long or a square with perimeter of 2 feet?

The square's area is 36 in2 while the rectangle's is 32. So the square has the greater area.