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Area = 18*18 = 324 square meters

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Q: What is the area of a square that has sides of 18 meters?
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How do you find the base of a triangle that has an area of 72 square meters and an altitude of 18 meters?

1/2*18*base = 72 square meters Multiply both sides by 2 and then divided both sides by 18 to find the base:- base = 8 meters Check: 1/2*18*8 = 72 square meters

How many square meters in area 18 meters by9meters?

18 x 9 = 162 square meters

18 square meters is how many meters?

18 square meters is an area, not a length. It could be 6 meters x 3 meters.

How many square meters in an area 18 X 13 meters?

18*13 = 234 square metres

What is the base of a triangle if the height is 16m and area is 72 square meters?

The base of this triangle would be 18 meters. One half*18 meters*16 meters= 72 square meters, this is the area of a triangle formula.

What is the length of the sides of a square if area is 324?


How many sq meters in a circle 18 meters diameter?

A circle with a diameter of 18 meters has an area of 254 square meters.

How many meters is a 22 meters long and 18 meters wide garden?

Its area is: 22*18 = 396 square meters

What is the sides of square if area is 324?

18 units of measurement

What is the area and perimeter of a square with sides 18 inches?

Area of square: 324 square inches Perimeter of square: 72 inches

What are length and width of a rectangles sides which has an area of eighteen meters squared and a perimeter of eighteen meters?

Area can never be as low as the perimeter value -- impossible question.No impossible if read correctly...18 meters squared is the area and 18 meters is the perimeter.

How many square meters is 18 foot by 12 foot?

18ft x 12ft is an area of 20 (20.0671) square meters.