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Area of traingle = Base * Height / 2 = 18*12/2 = 108 m2

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Q: What is the area of a triangle with base 18m and height 12m?
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What is the area of a parallelogram if its base is 12m and height is10m?


Area of a triangle with a area of 14m and a height of 12m?

The answer is 84 because you need to multiply the height and base which is 14 and 12 which equals 168. But because the triangle is halve of a square you need to divided the answer by 2 which is 168 divided by 2 equals 84.

What is 12m and 12m area of a triangle?

i rllly dont no

What is the base length of a parallelogram with an area of 48mยฒ and height of 12m?

Area = Base*Height So 48 = Base*12 That is, Base = 48/12 = 4 m

What is the area of a parallelogram with base 12 m side length31 mand height 26 m?

Base=12m Height=26m Area of Paralellogram=Base x height Area=12 x 26 Area=312m2 Hence the required area of the parallelogram is 312m2

What is the area of a triangle of 12m 9?

It is not possible to answer the question about the area of a triangle given only one side and one number with no indication what that number is - an angle measure, another side length, the height or, even less helpfully, the length of a median.

What is the surface area of a square that's height is 12m?

Squares do not have a surface area. They simply have an area. This square's area is 144m^2

How do you find the height of an isosceles triangle if its length is 12m and base 10m?

In a isosceles triangle, the altitude is also a median. If we draw the altitude, then two congruent right triangles are formed, with hypotenuse length of 12m and base length 5 m (10/2). So the length of hypotenuse, by the Pythagorean theorem is h^2 = 12^2 - 5^2 h = √(144 - 25) h = √119 h ≈ 10.9

What is the volume of a circular cylinder that is 7m in diameter and the height is 12m?

The volume of a circular cylinder that is 7m in diameter and a height of 12m is 461.81m3

What is the area of a square with 12m sides?

Area of a square = (length of a side)2 Area of a 12m square = (12m)2 = 144 square meters

What is the area of a rectangle that is 12m and 8m?

The area of rectangle is : 96.0

What is the length of a square if the area 144m?

It is 12m

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