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It depends on the exact configuration of the shape.

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Q: What is the area of an irregular shape measuring 12 centimeters 12 centimeters 6 centimeters 8 centimeters 8 centimeters 4 centimeters 4 centimeters?
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What has an area of four square centimeters?

A square measuring 2 centimeters on a side. For reference, a square measuring 1 inch on a side has an area of about 6.45 square centimeters.

What is the area of a diameter measuring 8.4 centimeters?


What is the formula used to calculate the area of an irregular shape?

There is no set formula.You have to "split" the irregular shape into regular shapes, use whatever dimensions you have and fit them into the formulas of the known shapes.Find the area of each split shape. Lastly, you add all the areas to give you the totl area of the irregular shape

What is the formula for finding the area of an irregular shape?

There is no formula. That's why it's called irregular!

What is the area of a rectangle measuring 5 centimeters by 6 centimeters?

5 x 6 = 30 cm2

How do you get total area of an irregular shape?

To find the area of irregular shapes, first, we need to divide the irregular shape into regular shapes that you can recognize such as triangles, rectangles, circles, squares and so forth. Then, find the area of these individual shapes and add them to get an area of irregular shap

Do you use square centimetres when measuring a circular shape?

Answer: no, u measure the raduis Answer: The area of any figure will be expressed in square centimeters, or some other square units. The actual measurements, in a circle, are of course done in linear units (e.g., centimeters) - the area will then be calculated.

How do you find the perimeter and area of an irregular shape?

You break it up into smaller shapes which are less irregular. If these are more regular, you can calculate their contribution to the perimeter, and their area. You can then add these together.

To measure the area of an irregular shap find the area fo yha regular shape within it and blanck the area of the irregular shape?

Divide the area into regular shapes and find their areas then add them all up together

How do you get the square meter area of an irregular shape?

You approximate the irregular shape with many small regular figure, for example, long and thin rectangles.

What is the area of a trapezoid that has bases measuring 19 centimeters and 23 centimeters and a height of 14 centimeters?

Area of trapezoid: 0.5*(19+23)*14 = 294 square cm

Why knowing how to find the area of an irregular shape is important?

In real life, things do not always have a neat geometric shape. Chemical processes in living organisms depend on the surface area of cells or organs. these are of irregular shape. For example photosynthesis in trees depends on the surface area of leaves. All leaves have irregular shapes.