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The average speed of a male ejaculation is 28 mph!!!

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Q: What is the average speed mph of male ejaculation?
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How fast can the average male run a mile?

If the average male could run a mile in 6 minutes, that would put the speed at 10 MPH. 5 minutes, 12 MPH 4 minutes, 14 MPH and so on

What is the average speed of 40 mph and 60 mph?

Average speed is 50 mph [(40+60)/2].

What is the traffic officer clocked the cars at 45mph 37 mph 34 mph and 40 mph what is the average speed?

The average speed is 39 mph.

Run 1 mile in ten minutes average speed in MPH?

Average speed is about 6 mph.

What is the average speed of a tornado?

The average wind speed in a tornado is likely around 80 mph. The average traveling speed is around 30 mph.

What is the average speed of a crocodile on land?

The land speed record for a crocodile on land is 11 MPH but the average speed is about 7 MPH.

What is the average speed of a rollercoaster?

it goes at the average speed of 80 mph

What is the average speed of a comet?

Average speed of a comet is about 6 mph.

What is a meerkats average speed?

Meerkats average speed is about 20 mph

Are speed and average speed different?

Yes, because average speed is all of the different speeds added together and then divided by how many speeds there are (ex: 70 mph + 60 mph = 130 mph. 130 mph divided by 2 = 65 mph (which is the average speed)) and speed is just how fast an object is moving (ex: 80 mph is the speed of something going 80 mph).

A plane maintains an average speed of 225 mph from London to New York It then returns from New York to London at an average speed of 180 mph What is the average speed for the entire journey?

202.5 mph

What is the average running speed of a hamster?

The average speed of an [average] hamster = 1.2 mph

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