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"600 psi" is not a compression ratio; it's a pressure. For a RATIO, you need to compare TWO different numbers.

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Q: What is the compression ratio of 600 PSI?
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What is the compression psi of a compression ratio of 17.1?


What is 11.31 compression ratio in psi?

You can't convert a RATIO (which is a pure number) to a MEASUREMENT such as psi. You get such a ratio by dividing two different pressures, for example.

What is the pressure of gas in cylinder during combustion?

Depends on the car. If it is naturally aspirated (no turbo or supercharger), then it's easy. Cylinder pressure = 14.5 (1 bar) * Compression Ratio. If however, it's forced induction: Cylinder pressure = ( 14.5 (1 bar) + Boost psi ) * Compression Ratio. For instance, in a naturally aspirated car with a 10.0:1 Compression Ratio : 145 psi = 14.5 * 10 Or in a turbo car with the unreasonably high 10.0 compression ratio with 10 psi boost : 245 psi= ( 14.5 + 10 ) * 10

How do you convert compression ratio and psi?

A 1:1 ratio is equal to 0 PSI. 14.7 PSI is equal to a 2:1 ratio. Just multiply your ratio by 14.7 to get PSI, or divide PSI by 14.7 to get ratio. This is only in a perfect cylinder where valves close exactly as the piston reaches the bottom and stays closed the whole way, and if no air bleeds out from the valves, or between the piston and cylinder wall. Not to mention the difference between if it's hot or cold. Plus, according to the math problem, if you had a compression ratio of 1:1, you would be pushing 14.7 psi. So there isn't any REAL way of telling an engines compression ratio without getting the specs for everything.

What is the compression psi on a 1990 engine?

Normal compression on a gasoline engine is about 125 psi.

How many bar in 600 psi?

41.36854 Bar = 600 Psi

What is compression psi spec on 1995 Nissan 240sx?

stock compression on a ka24de found in your 91-98 Nissan 240's is 178 9.5/1 ratio

What is the compression psi for 1988 kx250?

200 psi

What is 600 kPa in psi?

87.02 psi

What is the compression of a 1987 Yamaha warrior?

87 - 04 compression standard 121 psi minimum 114 psi max 128 psi

What is the cylinder compression on a 5.7L vortec?

The ratio is 9.5.1 in the 350 vortec. Doing a compression test you should not have any below 100 psi and all should be similar to each other.

What if Chevy 350 cylinder compression is 115 psi to 135 psi?

then youre running about 8.5:1 compression

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