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Circumference equals pi multiplied by diameter. Therefore 120 (circumference) divided by pi equals diameter. Pi is on your calculator.

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Q: What is the diameter of a circle with a 120 inch circumference?
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What is the diameter if circumference is 120 inches?

Diameter of the circle: 120/pi = 38.197 inches rounded

What is the circumference of a circle with a 120 inch diameter?

The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is a constant but irrational (meaning its precise value cannot be fully written out using traditional numbers) number called Pi (π). Pi ~= 3.1415927 Circumference = Pi (3.1415927...) * Diameter (120 inches) ~= 376.991118 inches ~= 377 inches

What is the diameter circumference or radius of a CD?

A CD disk is 120 mm in diameter and the circumference is 377 mm.

How do you divide a circle with 9cm diameter in three equal parts?

Construct a circle with a 4.5 radius. The circle's circumference is 360 degrees. So mark out 3 by 120 degrees on the circumference and join them to the centre of the circle which will divide the circle into three equal parts.

What is the circumference when the diameter is 38.2?

Circumference = pi ( 3.1416, a constant) * diameter = 3.1416 * 38.2 = 120 sq. units

If a 120 degree arc is 12mm long what is the circumference of the whole circle?

360 degrees in a circle 120 degrees = 12mm 360 degrees = 36mm Therefore the circumference of the circle is 36mm.

If the Diameter of a circle is 120 what is the radius?

Since diameter is twice its radius, the radius of this circle would be 60

What is the circumference of a circle with a length of an arc 28.61 with a central of 120 what is the circumference?

A central angle of 120 is one third of the circle, so the arc length of 28.61 is one third of the circumference. 28.61 X 3 = 85.83

How many square feet are there in a circle with a circumference of 120 feet?


If the circumference of a circle is 120 what is the radius?

Divide the circumference by the value of Pi and divide the result by 2 - that will give you your answer.

How large will a circle be using 60 inch line or length?

Circumference will be 120 pi inches, ie 31 feet and very nearly 5 inches

What is the circumference of a circle if it's area 120 inches?

First we have to find the radius: pi*radius2 = 120 sq ins Divide both sides by pi and then square root both sides: radius = 6.180387232 inches circumference = 2*pi*radius circumference = 38.83251825 or 39 inches to the nearest inch.

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