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the inverse of addition is subtraction and the inverse of multiplication is division. Of course, multiplication is just repeated addition so division is just repeated subtraction!

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2008-10-28 21:02:48
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Q: What is the difference between the inverse of addition and the inverse of multiplication?
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What is the inverse operation of addition and multiplication?

The inverse operation of addition is subtraction. The inverse multiplication by a number other than 0 is division. Multiplication by 0 does not have an inverse operation.

What is the inverse of subtraction?

Addition is the inverse of Subtraction. Division is the inverse of Multiplication. and then visa-versa. :-) Addition is the inverse of Subtraction. Division is the inverse of Multiplication. and then visa-versa. :-) the Answer is subtraction

Are multiplication and addition inverse operations?


What is the defionition of inverse?

It is the reverse of the action Ex. Addition is the inverse of subtration multiplication is the inverse of division

What does inverse mean in arithmetic?

"opposite" operation. The inverse of subtraction is addition; the inverse operation of multiplication is division.

How are the four basic operations related to one another?

Subtraction is the inverse operation to addition. Multiplication is repeated addition.Division is the inverse of multiplication.

What are the two sets of inverse operations?

Addition is the inverse operation of subtraction and multiplication is the inverse operation of division. The word inverse means "opposite".

The inverse of 6?

In addition, -6 In multiplication, 1/6 or 0.166..

What is inverse operation?

An inverse operation reverses an affect of another operation. Addition is the inverse operation of subtraction. So are multiplication and subtraction.

How is the relationship of addition and subtraction similar to the relationship of multiplication and division?

Provided the domains are defined in an appropriate manner, subtraction is the inverse operation of addition while division is the inverse operation of multiplication.

What is a inverse of 12?

It depends on the operator. For addition, it is -12, for multiplication it is 1/12.

What is the operations that undo each other?

Inverse Operations: Divison undoes multiplication. Addition undoes subtraction. Subtraction undoes addition. Multiplication undoes division.

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