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42 is not a square number but 42^1=42

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Q: What is the exponent of 42?
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What are the rules for a number with a negative exponent?

A number with a negative exponent should be treated as the reciprocal of that same number with the analogous positive exponent. For example, 42 = 16, but 4-2 = 1/42 = 1/16.

What is 42 divided by 10 exponent 3 equals to?


What is the exponent for 36 with the base as -6?


What can a negative exponent be rewritten as?

A positive exponent in the denominator of a fraction, with one in the numerator. For example: 4-2 = 1/42 (Formatting difficult: read fraction as "one over four squared")

How do you write three-fourths squared in exponent form?

(3/4)2 = 32/42 = 9/16

What is the exponent of 99?

An exponent indicates how many times a number is multiplied by itself, so any number can be written with the exponent 1, just as 99 = 991. Since an exponent of 1 does not change the value of a number, it is not usually shown. A number with an exponent 2 is squared and with a 3 is cubed, for example 42 = 4 x 4 = 16 and 33 = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.

What unit can not be used to express volume?

it can be expressed as cubed, or with a 3 as a exponent. such as the volume being 42 with the little 3 above it

How do you know when a number is squared?

When the exponent on the number is 2, that means that it's squared. i.e. 42= four squared which is equal to sixteen.

What is the exponent if an exponent is not given?

if there is no exponent shown, then the exponent is 1. ex: 41

When a number is raised to a power what is it called?

The power could then be called an exponent. The number that is being raised to a power is called the base. In the case of 42, the exponent is 2 and the base is 4.

Is 25 an exponent?

Yes, 25 CAN BE and exponent. Any number can be and exponent

What is the exponent of meter?

The exponent is a characteristic of a number. A measurement unit does not have an exponent. Since a metre is a measurement unit, it does not have an exponent.

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