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180-135 = 45 degrees

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Q: What is the external angle if the internal angle is 135 degree?
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What is the exterior angle of a octagon?

The external angle of a regular octagon is 225 degrees. Each internal angle of a regular octagon is 135 degrees.

What is the angle of 159 degree?

An angle of 159 degrees is an obtuse angle

A regular polygon has an interior angle with a measure of 135how many side does the polygon have?

The number of sides of a regular polygon is 360 divided by the size of the exterior angle. The external angle is 180 - the internal angle. So for a regular polygon with an internal angle of 135 we get the following. 360 / (180 - 135) = 360 / 45 = 8 sides

What is the suplement of a 135 degree angle?

Do 180-135 and you will get your answer.

What is a 135 degree angle called?


How do you cut a 135 degree angle?

Cut a 45 degree angle "going the other way".

How do you draw an angle of 55 degree with compass and pencil?

you will have to construct a 135 degree angle first...but constructing a 90 degree with a 45 degree to give u the 135 degree angle and then using that as a reference, u will have to draw a 60 degree angle going counter clockwise from the 135 degree angle so that 135-60=55 degree...hahah I know it is confusing but if only i could show i mean visual is better than oral right !??! haha ^D^... hope i can help....

What is the supplement of a 135 degree angle?

It is: 45 degrees

What is the supplement of 135 degree angle?

It is: 45 degrees

Why is 135degrees the measurement of an angle of an octagon?

The external angle of a polygon is equal to 360/n, n representing the number of sides in the polygon. Since an octagon has eight sides, the external angle of a regular octagon is 360/8 = 45 degrees. Since a straight angle in a polygon would be equal to 180 degrees, you subtract the measure of the external angle from this, to make an internal angle of 180 - 45 = 135 degrees.

What angle is close to a 135 degree angle?

As the angle is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees, it an obtuse angle.

What is the triangle with a 135 degree interior angle called?