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It is 100*profit/costs.

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Q: What is the formula for calculating profit per cent?
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What is the formula for calculation a bonus based on profit while deduction the bonus your calculating from the profit figure?

hey here comes the answer of calculating bonus=overtime hours multiplied by rate per hour ..........thanks

What is the formula for calculating cfs?

The formula for calculating CFS is Q equals Av. Q is the flow rate, A is the flow area, and v is the flow velocity. It is expressed in liters per meter or gallons per meter.

What is the formula for profit per unit?


Is the formula for calculating mileage in kilometers km per 100L?

mpg x 235.215 = liters per 100 km

What is bhargava formula on sugar?

As per the Bhargava formula, the companies should have to distribute nearly 50 per cent of their profits among the cane farmers.

Give the formula of profits and loss?

a man purchased a dozen pens for rs 25 each and them at rs 28 each.find the total profit as well as the profit per cent on the transaction.

What is the formula for calculating gallons per cubic inch?

1 cubic inch = 0.004329 (US) gallons, approx.

What is the formula for calculating the sales per day?

Sales Per Day Ratio = (Total sales you have made) divided by (The # of days your shop has been open)

What is the formula for calculating liters per 100 km to miles per gallon?

Use this conversion: litres per 100km x 235.2146 = miles per gallon (US measure).

What is General formula for calculating compressive strength of concrete?

Load divided by area of load applied (Load per unit area)

Formula for calculating ADG in cattle?

The formula for calculating ADG or average daily gain in cattle is just the rate of weight gain per day divided by a specific period of time. The ADG shows the average amount of weight gain an animal per each day over a given period of time it has been on feed.

Formula for calculating taper?

This is the formula for calculating a taper: Large diameter of the taper minus the small Diameter of the taper divided by the length of of the taper will give you the taper per inch. You will also need to know the included angle of the taper if you ar cutting this taper. This formula would be Tangent of the included angle divide by 2.