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length x width of each roof segment.

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Q: What is the formula for figuring square footage of a roof?
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What is the formula for figuring roofing square?

a roofing square is 100 sf. There are formulas out there that allow you to use the pitch and outer dimensions of the roof to figure out the number of squares. If not, calculate the square footage and divide by 100 - that's the number of squares you have...

Is the square footage of your roof the same as the square footage of your home?

Unless you have a flat roof, no; the surface area of the roof will be larger than the ground area of the building.

How do you find square footage of a roof with pitch?

The site below that explains the pitch - how to measure it with a calculator to use with pitch and calculate the total footage of your roof

Your roof is 21 ft by 15 feet what is the square footage?


How can a homeowner calculate the size of their roof?

Use the square footage of your house, and the size of your roof should be about the same. Be carefull not to include the yard in the footage or anything that is not covered by the roof, then divide the number by the number of stories your house is.

What is the calculation formula for roofing shingles X Sq Footage of roof?

3 bundles of shingles per 100 sq ft of roof

What is the square footage for a 14 x 70 mobile home roof?

1000 sq ft.

What is the square footage for a flat roof of 25 feet by 15 feet?

375 sq ft

How many roof tiles are there are on a roof?

That really depends on several different variables including the square footage of the roof itself and the size / type of the tiles being used. Most of the time when buying roofing tiles / shingles it will state on the packaging how many square's it will cover. It should also state the "square footage" covered as well. So once you have your square footage you can then figure out how many tiles / shingles it will take to cover your roof. Don't forget to add 10 to 15% for waste in your calculations.

Your house is 1350 square feet how many shingles do you need?

The square footage of your house is not the same as the square footage of your roof if there is any pitch. If you are asking aboutasphalt shingles, generally each bundle covers 33.3 square feet. Therefore find the square footage of your roof, divide it by 33.3 to find the number of bundles, then multiply the original square footage by 5-10% to get the number of additional bundles for cutoffs and starter strip. The variation in percentage accounts for the number and length of valleys of the roof. Example:[@5%]roof =1500 ft2 --> (1500/33.3=45.05) (1500x.05=75 -->75/33.3=2.25)45.05 + 2.25= (48) bundles

What is the square footage of a 55 gallon drum?

Are you talking about cubic footage? If so, it is 7.35

My home is 1100 square feet what is the roof's square footage?

You cannot calculate the square footage of a house roof like this (unless you have a flat roof). The simplest way would be to go up on your roof and measure its different surfaces, however if you dont want to do that, you would need to know several differen things to calculate the surface area -- such as the pitch and angel -- how much hangover you have. Basically you should save yourself time and go up on your roof and measure it

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