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You need velocity at two points in time, and the acceleration must be constant.

If the initial velocity is u ms-1 and the final velocity is v ms-1, and the time interval is t then

t = (v - u)/a s.

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Q: What is the formula for time if the given is in acceleration and velocity?
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How do you find acceleration with velocity given?

Use the formula Acceleration = (final velosity - initial velocity)/ time.

How is acceleration related to velocity?

Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity.

What is the formula for speed and acceleration?

formula for speed is distance traveled over time taken to cover distance acceleration is given by change in velocity per unit time

How do you find time with velocity and acceleration given?

Time equals velocity divided by acceleration. t=v/a

What is the Formula in Final Velocity?

Final velocity = (Initial velocity) + (time)(acceleration)

What is the formula you use to determine acceleration?

Acceleration = final velocity - initial velocity divided by time

What is the meaning and formula for deceleration?

Deceleration is the rate of decrease of velocity with respect to time. It is the negative of acceleration. The formula for deceleration is the same as that of acceleration, only that the acceleration is represented as negative. The formula is: - (deceleration) = (final velocity) - (initial velocity) time Therefore, (deceleration) = (initial velocity) - (final velocity) time

What is the formula in finding the acceleration of an object?

acceleration = change in velocity / time

Formula for finding time?

if acceleration a, initial velocity vi and final velocity vf is given , then time could be found by applying formula t=vf-vi/aand if distance s and velocity v is given then t=s/v

How do you find final velocity when given initial velocity acceleration and time?

You should use the formula you learned for just exactly this situation.V = V0 + a tFinal speed = (initial speed) + (acceleration) x (time)

How is acceleration caculated?

Acceleration is the the fluctuation in velocity per unit calculate the acceleration we need the formula : Acceleration = Velocity fluctuations / time taken or Acceleration = Final velocity - Initial velocity / time taken or a = v-u/t

How do you calculate initial velocity when given final velocity acceleration and time?

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity per time, so to get velocity, multiply (acceleration)*(time). This will give the change in velocity over the specific amount of time. You must add the initial velocity to get the final velocity, so we have the formula: Vf = Vo + a*t, where Vo is the initial velocity. This means that you can rearrange to get Vo = Vf - a*t

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