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E = mc2

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Q: What is the formula that relates matter to energy?
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Explain plancks quantum concept as it relates to energy lost or gained by matter?

no se

Who developed the formula for the relationship between matter and energy?

Albert Einstein

Einstein's famous formula that links energy and matter is?


What formula developed by Albert Einstein describes the relationship between energy and matter?

What formula, developed by Albert Einstein, describes the relationship between energy and matter? "Nuclear reactions convert matter into energy. In 1905, Albert Einstein developed a formula that described the relationship between energy and matter. You have probably seen this famous equation, E=mc2. In the equation, the E represents energy and m represents mass. The c, which represents the speed of light, is a very large number. This equation states that when matter is changed into energy, an enormous amount of energy is released."

The energy of a sound wave relates to its?

it relates to amplitude

How does energy play a part in matter changing state?

Energy directly relates the the temperature of a substance. The more energy in is proportional to a higher temperature. The inverse is also true. When changing states you must use the formula Q=ML where Q is the energy in Jules, M is the mass in grams and L is the latent heat (fusion or vaporization) of the substance. This determines how much energy is needed to change state.

Do quarks contain infinite energy?

This can be answered by observation and physics:Quarks are matter and matter does not contain all energy as there is free energy available in the universe as heat, radiation and gravity etc.The theory of relativity relates the amount of energy in any given amount of matter by the equation E=mC2. As a consequence, as the mass of all quarks or any quark is finite, it cannot contain infinite energy.

What is matter and energy second law of thermodynamics?

The second law of thermodynamics states essentially that it is impossible for heat to flow from a cooler body to a hotter one, without the performance of work by an external agency. I'm not sure how this relates to your wording of 'matter and energy'.

Is matter trapped energy?

It might be considered that way, because of the formula E=mc2. That doesn't mean you can freely convert matter to energy and vice versa, but in some cases this is possible.

How does the kinetic theory of matter relates to the Alchemist's water distillery and apply it to each step of the process?

The Alchemist needs to apply heat to the particles to change their kinetic energy and make them change states of matter.

How something relates to the matter at hand?


What formula relates weight and mass?