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stroke volume =end diastolic volume - end of systalic volume. But how to measure these volume i don't know?

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Q: What is the formula to get stroke volume?
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What is the formula for stroke volume?

stroke volume is equal to heart rate times the cardiac output

How do you measure stroke volume?

To measure stroke volume, the formula is SV = CO / HR. Stroke volume can apply to each of the two ventricles of the heart, although it usually refers to the left ventricle.

What is a common effect of hypertension on stroke volume?

It decreases stroke volume

What is the formula for calculating cardiac output?

CO=HRXSV, Where HR is heart rate and SV is stroke volume

How does tachycardia affect stroke volume and cardiac output?

Lowers stroke volume

Does stroke volume increase if end diastolic volume decrease?

false, stroke volume decreases if the end volume decreases.

What is the stroke volume of an average person at rest?

stroke volume of an everage person at rest is 70-80ml stroke volume of an everage person at rest is 70-80ml

What happens to your stroke volume when you exercise?

The stroke volume refers to the amount of blood pumped out of the heart during each contraction. After exercising, a person's stroke volume is increased.

What is the difference between stroke volume and swept volume in air compressor?

Stroke volume and swept volume are same in any reciprocating engine/compressor.

Relationship between stroke volume and pump rate?

The relationship between stroke volume and pump rate?

What is total volume of cylinder bore?

That can be calculated for individual cylinders by the formula :- Pi R (2) x length of piston stroke.

How can stroke volume can be altered?

Stroke volume is determined by three factors, altering any of them can change the stroke volume. These factors are preload, afterload, and contractility. The relationship is: SV = P*C/A What this means is that preload and contractility are directly proportional to the stroke volume and afterload is inversely proportional to stroke volume. If you increase preload (within certain limits), stroke volume will increase according to the Starling curve. Increasing contractility (many things can increase this), makes the heart pump harder and increases stroke volume. Increasing afterload decreases stroke volume. All of these can be reversed (decreasing preload and contractility = decreased stroke volume, etc). Get a good physiology book and it will explain all of this very well.

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