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18/42 = 9/21 = 3/7

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Q: What is the fraction 18 over 42 reduced to in simplest form?
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What is 77 over 100 reduced to?

That fraction is in simplest form, and can't be reduced.

Is 13 over fourteen fraction a simplest form fraction?

Yes, 13/14 (or 13 over 14) is reduced to its simplest form.

What is 11 over 45 in the simplest form?

11/45 is in its simplest form.

49 over 100 can be reduced in the simplest form by what number?

49 over 100 cannot be reduced any further in fraction form.

What can 63 over 100 be reduced to?

63/100 is the simplest form for your fraction.

What is a reduced fraction for 75 over 100?

In its simplest form... 3/4

What is the fraction 60 over 42 reduced to in simplest form?


What is the fraction 10 over 18 reduced to in simplest form?


What is Fraction 130 over 585 reduced?

It is: 2/9 in its simplest form

What is 71 over 102 in simplest form?

71/102 is the most reduced this fraction can be.

What is 43 over 10 as fraction in simplest form?

43/10 already exists as its simplest reduced fractional form. It cannot be reduced any further evenly.

What is the simplest form of the fraction 4 over 15?

4/15 is the most reduced form of that fraction with integer numerator and denominators.