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Q: What is the fraction for 25 cents to a dollar?
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What fraction of a dollar is 25 cents?

25 cents/1 dollar = 25 cents/100 cents # 25/100 = 1/4

What is 0.25 fraction of a dollar?

25 cents

What is half of 50 cents in fraction?

Half of 50 cents in a fraction form would be 25% of one dollar. Half of fifty cents would be 25 cents. A person cannot purchase very much for 25 cents.

What is a quarter percent of a dollar?

A quarter is 25% of a Dollar.

What fraction of 2 dollar is 25 cents?

1/8 (one eighth)

What is a percent of a dollar?

A quarter is 25% of a dollar. a quarter is 25 cents out of a dollar, and a dollar is 100 cents. Therefore a quarter is 25 cents/100 cents. This fraction simplifies to 1/4. To transform a fraction into a decimal, you have to divide the numerator (the top number) by the denominator (the bottom number). One divided by four is 0.25. Decimals can be turned into percents simply by multiplying them by 100, or moving the decimal point two places to the right. This brings us to our answer, 25%.

What fraction of one dollar is 48 cents?

One dollar is 100 cents, so 48 cents is 48/100, which reduces to 12/25.

How many cents in one dollar 25?

a dollar is 100 cents so one dollar 25 would be 125 cents.

What fraction of a dollar is 28 cents?

There are 100 cents in a dollar, so that is 28/100ths. Same as 14/50ths, or 7/25ths.

What fraction of 2 is 25 cents?

25 cents is 25/2 of 2 cents.

What fraction of a dollar is equal to 50 cents?

50 cents is 1/2 of a dollar (100 cents)

What fraction of a dollar is equal to 062 cents?

0.062 cents = 62/100000 of a dollar