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There is no real reason for two equivalent measurements to be rationed!

The ratio of two equivalent measurements will depend on the units used. The ratio between a length in feet and the equivalent length in inches, for example, is 12:1.

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Q: What is the given ration of two equivalent measurements?
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What is the name given to a ratio of two equivalent measurements?

conversion factor

What is a rate that compares two equivalent measurements?

A rate that compares two equivalent measurements is a conversion rate.

The ratio between two corresponding measurements?

The ration between two corresponding measurements is called a rate. It separates miles per gallon and feet per second when corresponding.

Which kind of triangle has two sides that have equivalent measurements?

isosceles triangle

Write the equivalent measurement?

Equivalent measurement are measurements of the same characteristic which are made using two different units. For example, 20 deg C and 68 deg F are equivalent measurements.

How do you write two decimals that are equivalent to the given decimal 2.200?

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Write two decimals tht are equivalent to given me on 5.300 and 3.7 and 0.9?

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What two decimals are equivalent to the given decimals 0.9?

0.9 is equivalent to 0.90 or 0.900.

What is a fraction that compares two equivalent measurements called?

It may be called the conversion factor.Note, however, that this only works when both measurements are absolute measurements, or equivalently, the measurement is on a ratio scale. For example, a fraction representing equivalent Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures is not a conversion factor because the two Zero values do not correspond to the same temperature.

Two decimals that are equivalent to 0.68?

what are the two equivalents given to this decimal 0.68?

How many syllables is ration?

The word ration has two syllables. The syllables of the word are ra-tion.

What is a balance diet ration?

A balanced diet ration is the ration of the various components that you have in your diet. For proteins and carbohydrates the ratio should be one to two so for every one protein, there are two carbohydrates.

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