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Well the way I look at it is...

find the total distance between the two numbers and divide by 2.


-15 is 15 away from 0, and 20 is 20 away from 0.

I then add 15 and 20 together to get 35.

I take 35 and divide by 2 to get 17.5.

From here you can either add 17.5 to -15 or subtract 17.5 from 20.

The answer is 2.5

Another way to look at this is with a line so...

each period is equal to 1 number, the 0 in the line is the number 0


You can see that the distance is greater on the right side because 20 is farther away from 0 than -15 is. You have to find the total distance between the -15 and 20 and divide by 0.

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Q: What is the halfway point between -15 and plus 20?
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