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11ft tall 25000lbs 30ft long

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Q: What is the height and weight and length of a Euclid R22 truck?
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What is the height of a truck that is 24 ft?

As high as the manufacturer made it. Length does not determine height.

What is the length of ups delivery truck?

Height: about 10 feet Length: 25 feet

What is the Weight of a 1970 Chevy Pick Up Truck?

what is the weight and length of a 1970 chevy shortbed truck?

What is cement mixer truck length width and height?

Width: 9 feet-6 inches. Height: 13 feet. Turn Radius: 37 feet. Maximum chute length: 16 feet.

What is the curb weight of a 1989 Chevy dually pickup truck?

It depends on the height of the curb.

What is the permissible weight a 24-foot truck can carry?

That depends on Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, not length. You could be talking about anything from a Class 3 truck up to a Class 8 truck.

How much does a C70 dump truck weight?

Varies, depending on frame length, bed length, bed wall height, material bed is made of (steel or aluminum), etc. Generally, you'd be looking at anywhere between 11,000 - 14,000 lbs.

What is the length of 5 ton cube truck?

As long as the manufacturer wishes to make it. Tonnage is determined by the weight rating of the axles, not by the length.

What do you use to measure a truck?

Well, it sort of depends on what you're measuring, exactly. If it's distance-based dimension, whether it be height, width, length, wheelbase, etc., a simple tape measure is normally used. For weight, you'd need a truck scale.

How much does a r10 euclid truck weigh?

If the truck is a Engineering model 1UD, it's approximately 23,000 lbs.

What is the height of a truck?

there is no set height of a truck. the height depends on the type of truck and the configuration for which it is built.however the maximum legal height for a truck, without special permit is 13 ft 6 inches.

Length of a flat bed truck?

there is no set length for a flatbed truck the length of a flatbed truck depends on the length of the chassis on the truck there is a legal limit to the length of overhang past the back axle

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