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There are 100 centimeters (1/100th of a meter) per meter.

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Q: What is the height in centimeters of a door 3 meters tall?
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How tall is 2 meters and 5 centimeters?

2 meters and 5 centimeters is equivalent to 205 centimeters in total height.

If a Tree is 9 meters tall what is height is centimeters?

900 cm

Maria is 123 centimeters tall Her height in meters is?

1.23 0.123

How is height measured in the metric system normally?

Height is typically measured in the metric system using meters or centimeters. Tall heights are often expressed in meters, while shorter heights may be given in centimeters. For example, a person who is 1.75 meters tall could also be expressed as 175 centimeters.

How tall is a door in meters?

A standard interior door height is 2.032 metres. ( 2m 32mm.)

A tree is 174 centimeters tall what is the height of the tree in meters?

1m = 100cm, so 174cm = 1.74m tall.

How dog is 58 centimeters how height is a dog in meters?

Pete's dog is 58 centimeter tall. What is the dog's hight in meters

How tall is a standard door in meters?

A standard interior door height is 2.032 metres. ( 2m 32mm.)

If Ray is 180 centimeters tall how many meters is that and how many millimeters?

Height is usually expressed in cm in the metric system. However, Ray would be 1.8 meters tall, or 1800 millimeters tall. 1 meter = 100 centimeters 1 meter = 1000 millimeters

What a football player be 2 centimeters tall 2 kilometers tall or 2 meters tall?

2 meters i think def. not 2 centimeters :)

How tall is 151 feet in meters and centimeters?

Centimeters in Feet: 4602.48cm... Feet in Meters: about 46.024799m...

How tall is440millimaters?

It is 440 milimeters high. or 0.44 meters high. or 44 centimeters high. or about the height of a chair seat. or the shoulder height of a dog 44cm tall or the same as the diameter of a 17 inch wheel rim.