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No its not I got 316 in math and I'm in 8th grade

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Q: What is the highest score you can get on the nwea math test?
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What is the highest nwea score?

I think you can get a 300. I know a fifth grader who got a 289 on a math nwea test. Hope this helps!

Can you score 500 on a nwea test?

It might be possible... if you are very smart!:) I know someone in fifth grade who got a 289 on a math nwea test Hope this helps! :)

What is the average sixth grade score for a NWEA test on Math?

Around 235-250, but my son got a 267 in the spring

What is the highest NWEA in math score ever in New Mexico?

I actually scored a 307 in Michigan. I know that the max score is 320. Anyone who scores about a 280-285 on that test is in the 99th percentile. Those who score above 300 are rarely surpassed. I would assume that New Mexico's highest score would be at least 300.

What is the highest score you can get on a NWEA test?

Common belief says that it maxes out at 300, but I received a 301 my freshman year of high school (2011).

Is 231 a good math map test score?

Its average I guess. I got 269 and its the highest score in my grade

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