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My math book is about 11 inches in length and 9 inches wide.

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Q: What is the length of math book?
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how would measure length of a math book?

I would measure it with a ruler.

What is metric length of math book?

The length of a book is the bottom or top of it. To measure it, you have got to have a ruler. its 100000000000000000,00000000000000000,000000000 cm. JKJK! ITS 190,000,000 CM

What is the length of a math book?

I have a quick introduction to calculus book that is about 60 pages long. I have another calculus book that is nearly 600 pages long. Clearly the length of a math book may vary depending upon the depth of coverage and the subjects included.

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

How long is a length of a math book?

The length of a math book can be defined in two ways: the physical length of the book or the number of pages contained in the book. In the first case, the length of the book would usually be considered the distance from the top edge to the bottom edge of the book and this would vary depending on the specific book you were considering. In the second case, you could open the book to the last page and examine the final page number and use that as the number of pages.

What is the best estimate of the length of a math book?


What is a math book?

a math book is were u learn math

Why would you use feet and inches to measure a math book?

To use inches to measure a math book would make more sense, but feet does too, since a math book's length on the binding side is close to a foot. Inches makes the most sense though.

What is the millimeters of a math book?

The answer will vary from one book to another, and even more depending on whether you mean length, width or thickness.

What is a modal length in math?

Length* :) , The Modal Length Will Be The Length That There is The Most Of

What is the Envision math book?

it is a book that teaches math.

What is the width of a math book?

Depends on the math book

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